Hey, I’m Jo, owner of CSJ Embroidery, probably a little bit crazy with a sense of humour to match.

I learnt to sew at a young age on my Grandma’s old Singer Treadle machine and although it never really stuck with me sewing has sort of popped in and out of my life, sewing at school, cross stitch as a hobby even a few years working within a fashion Company. About five years ago it came back into my life this time in the form of Embroidery, destiny – we will see but for now I love it, the cute, the quirky and even the challenging bits.

I love how an item can be transformed to something different and practical and yes cheeky.

I love animals having owned my own horses since the age of ten and dogs having had the two most loyal and amazing labrador dogs as pets. I currently have one horse enjoying her retirement and hope in the next few years to have another dog.

My other passion is all things Holistic, crystals, meditation, mindfulness and all variations, I trained in Reiki therapy a few years back although I only use it for myself and my animals.

No prizes for guessing where some of my design selections come from given the above.